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Providing Quality Pool Cleaning Services in Springfield, MO

Are you looking for a pool service company in town?

We are the most trusted and reliable pool service company in town. Our team of experts will make sure your swimming pool is clean, safe, and ready to use all year round. We offer a wide range of services from monthly maintenance to commercial pool service.

You can trust our highly trained technicians with any job big or small! Whether it’s weekly cleaning or full-scale renovations we have the skills and expertise needed to get the job done right every time. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer care so that you can enjoy your swimming pool worry free! If you want a professional, trustworthy team who always delivers on their promises then give us a call today!

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Free instant quote
Coupons and Discounts available!
How can we serve you?
100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
This site is protected by hCaptcha and its privacy policy and terms of service apply.
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man cleaning large pool with a vacumm

Monthly Maintenance

We offer affordable monthly maintenance for all residents in town.
inside of a pool skimmer filtering system

Pool Repair

Stop stressing out on pool repairs and call our professionals for help.
man in empty commercial pool installing ladder

Pool Remodeling

Remodeling your pool needs to be done by an expert. Call us today.
man standing on rock cleaning commercial pool

Commercial Pool Service

Commercial pools need maintenance too. Call us today for commercial pool services.

Overview of our Pool Service Company

Our company’s mission is to provide affordable, quality service. We aim to build long-term relationships with our customers and provide a stress-free pool experience.

We value your time and money, so we guarantee that the work we do on your swimming pool is completed in an efficient manner. Our team of professional pool experts will provide you with the best service.

With years of experience, our professionals are qualified to provide you with the best pool services. We have all of your pool needs covered, no matter how simple or complex!

Last but not least, we are here for you! If you have any questions or concerns about your swimming pool, feel free to contact us at your convenience. We will gladly answer all of your questions and replace any parts that might be defective. Thank you for choosing our company! We look forward to working with you in the future.

If you would like more information about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer any additional questions you have regarding our products and services.

We look forward to hearing from you soon! You can reach us via e-mail at any time. Be sure to check out our website frequently for updates on new deals/offers, etc. Get in touch with us today by either calling us directly or filling out the form on our site.

yellow rubber duck in shallow end of pool
My pool has never been cleaner! When I signed up for monthly pool cleaning with Springfield Pool Service Pros, I immediately saw the difference in my pool. Their technicians were able to get rid of all of the residue that had built up over the past few years and my water is crystal clear now!
Freddie H.
I have been a customer of Springfield Pool Service Pros for years and have always had a pleasant experience with their pool repair. They are very thorough in the work they do and keep me in the loop when finding issues with my pool.
Dale H.
Best pool service in town! The technicians at Springfield Pool Service Pros always do a great job on our pool equipment repairs and can do any job out there!
Leland C.

Our Pool Service Services

See below for more information about our top notch pool services.

Monthly Maintenance

Pools need regular maintenance as much as you think. It is best to have your pool checked and maintained at least once a month. Good thing, you can now sign up for our monthly maintenance program. If you are someone who does not have enough time to maintain your own pool, why not let us take care of it? You will be able to save time and effort by letting us do the dirty work.

If you maintain your pool on a monthly basis, then you can expect that your water will be much cleaner and clearer. Our technicians are well-trained in the art of maintaining pools. We make sure to clean out any debris or dust particles in your pool so it will always look nice and clean without having to worry about wasting money on chemical costs.

When you need to call for monthly maintenance services, we are the professionals to call. Our team is dedicated to helping you maintain your pool on a monthly basis.

man cleaning large pool with a vacumm

Pool Repair

Repairs tend to happen in the most inconvenient times possible, such as on a holiday weekend or during a party for example. This is because sometimes your pool can experience leakage and you need to have it fixed immediately so water won’t overflow and cause further damage to other parts of your house.

When you notice that there are issues with your outdoor pool, do not hesitate to contact our company as soon as possible. We will send one of our technicians right away and they will be able to assess the situation and find out what exactly is causing the problem. Then we will provide you with an estimate for how much it would cost before we begin any repairs.

If budgets are tight but you still want to make sure that leaks won’t become a huge problem later on, then you should at least have routine maintenance performed. Doing so will greatly reduce the risk of leaks and further damage to your pool.

Our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality services that are affordable! When searching for a swimming pool service company, keep in mind that we offer exceptional workmanship at very reasonable rates. You can find out more information about our prices on our website or by contacting us directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

inside of a pool skimmer filtering system

Pool Remodeling

Remodeling your pool can be a huge project to do alone. Not only do you have to make sure that everything is done properly but you also need to know that your pool will be completely watertight. In order to avoid further damage, as well as frustration and stress, just let our experts handle the job for you.

If you are looking to improve the look of your pool without having to break a bank account, then remodeling might be something worth considering. There are various different things we can do so it all depends on what kind of design or look you would like. We advise our clients on which materials would best suit their needs so there will be no issues down the road with any new additions or changes made.

Our technicians have been in this industry for quite some time now, which means they have the skills and knowledge to get the job done efficiently. They also have access to various different tools, parts, and materials so we can make sure new additions to your pool will be safe for everyone to use.

Replastering an outdated or old swimming pool is another thing we do here at Springfield Pool Service. Replastering will provide you with a brand-new and shiny look without having to tear down anything. It is quite costly but the results are more than satisfying!

man in empty commercial pool installing ladder

Commercial Pool Service

When it comes to commercial pools, there are many different tasks that need to be performed in order to keep your business afloat. Keeping commercial pools clean and properly maintained is not an easy task for anyone to do alone, which is why it’s much better if you let us take care of it all.

Our team can perform pool openings, closings, weekly maintenance services, monthly maintenance services, filter system deep cleaning , spa-cleaning services , chemical treatments, closing your pool for the winter months, opening your pool for the summer months, managing equipment operations and so much more!

If you want our technicians to handle everything for you so there will be no issues or problems whatsoever with your swimming facility throughout the year then just give us a call today. We guarantee 100% satisfaction so you can rest easy knowing that everything will be under control.

man standing on rock cleaning commercial pool

Pool Cleaning

Cleaning your pool is essential and necessary if you want it to stay in mint condition. Cleaning your pool regularly will ensure that there aren’t any dirt or debris particles floating around, which can cause various problems that are not easy to resolve.

One of the things our technicians are trained to do is cleaning complicated and difficult shapes like kidney shaped, free form pools and more! We use modern and up-to-date equipment that will surely give your pool a good scrubbing without risking damage.

With our help, you will never have to worry about anything ever again. We can take care of the dirty and cumbersome work so your pool remains spotless and sparkling throughout the year.

Don’t worry if you’ve missed a monthly cleaning service for your swimming facility during working days because we also offer weekend pool opening and closing services as well as winterizing services! If you need help with this, just give us a call or send us an email to schedule an appointment. Or better yet, why don’t you try our tried and tested customer satisfaction approach? Just leave everything up to us and we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

worker on edge of commercial pool vacuuming pool walls


Winter means that pool maintenance services need to stop and that all equipment needs to be put away. At the end of every swimming season, it is important to perform professional winterizing servicesr because this will ensure your pool remains in good condition throughout the year.

If you’re worried about performing proper winterization on your own, don’t be! Our technicians are fully trained so there’s no need for you to do anything other than relax and enjoy the view. We can take care of everything so you won’t have any problems whatsoever with your pool during the warm seasons.

Whether you want to simply remodel or if you want us to handle commercial maintenance , we can provide our customers with 100% satisfaction guaranteed . This means that there will never be any issues or problems with your pool throughout the year. If you want our technicians to handle everything for you so there will be no issues or problems whatsoever with your swimming facility throughout the year then just give us a call today. We guarantee 100% satisfaction so you can rest easy knowing that everything will be under control.

man installing cover during winterization process

Pool Equipment Repairs

During summer months, temperatures rise and pools get a lot of use from swimmers who need to cool off in their free time. When demand goes up, equipment tends to go down which is why we provide our customers with emergency repairs if needed .

Just call our hotline and one of our friendly operators will connect you with a technician immediately! In most cases, we’ll have someone out at your location within hours! No matter what happens, we’ll always be there to save the day. Our services are easy to understand and use plus they can provide you with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

If you need help with pool repairs, opening or closing your swimming facility for the year, don’t hesitate to give us a call anytime to schedule an appointment or request a quote. We have been in the business for so long that we have acquired high levels of knowledge and expertise which means there is no problem too difficult for us!

open wire box on pool motor during repair

Pool Inspection

Pools need regular inspections because this will ensure that your swimming facility is always in top condition. Without inspections, there are no guarantees that everything is working properly and efficiently. Before you know it, things can go wrong without even noticing until the damage has been done and repair services might be very expensive to perform.

This is why we offer pool inspection services with every service we provide! We are constantly improving our services so we can promise 100% customer satisfaction. You don’t have to worry about doing anything or thinking about any issues because we’ll handle everything for you. If you need help with inspections, cleaning or commercial maintenance, just give us a call now so we can schedule an appointment ASAP!

Our inspectors will look for anything that is broken, corroded or rusted. During inspections, we also take note of the general condition of your equipment , pipes and filters. We’ll let you know if there are any holes in the linings as well as if there is corrosion on metal surfaces. If we recommend improvements then this will be communicated to you during the inspection process.

Pool Restoration

Restoring your pool back to its original condition is the last thing you want to worry about after an unfortunate event in which your swimming facility was heavily damaged. Unless you have restoration services, you’ll need to replace everything and that can be very costly!

When restoring your pool, we will take extra caution when removing dirt, chemicals and debris so there won’t be any water loss whatsoever. Our technicians are trained to spot even the smallest of cracks, leaks or gaps so every aspect of your pool equipment will be inspected when restoration is complete. Just give us a call today for more information on our pool restoration services!

Springfield Pool Service provides a variety of different services including regular maintenance. We provide commercial services as well as residential properties with 100% satisfaction guaranteed because our technicians are licensed, bonded and insured.

man in empty commercial pool installing ladder
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Our Approach

We at our company aim to provide professional service and quality pools for affordable rates. We understand how expensive it can be to have a pool installed or repaired, which is why we do our best to keep our prices as low as possible without sacrificing the services you deserve.

Our team of professional pool services technicians will:

  • Install and repair pools
  • Maintain your pool every month
  • Create custom designs for new or existing pools

We can handle all of your swimming pool needs, whether you need a full backyard renovation or simply want to make some upgrades. We understand how much use your outdoor diving pool is going to get, so we work hard to ensure that it’s always in optimal condition.

Frequently asked questions
If you wish to book an appointment with us, just visit our website and use the quick quote form to submit your information. We’ll get back to you ASAP with an appointment date, time and further instructions that you should follow to prepare for our technicians' arrival.
During pool inspections, we will let you know if there are any problems that need to be fixed ASAP. Inexpensive repairs can save money in the long run because this will ensure that your facility is safe and efficient. You do not want to deal with extensive repair services when it’s not necessary so call us now for more information on our service plans!
You should wait 24 hours to use your pool. This will give the chemicals enough time to dissolve and mix together with the water accordingly. If you use your pool too soon then this could result in additional costs because the chemicals are not consistent throughout the entire liquid.
No, you should never reuse leftover chemicals. If any are leftover then you should dispose of them properly to prevent contamination or injury.
Chemical balancing is extremely important if you want your facility to operate in tip-top shape. We continuously monitor pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness and chlorine levels during our pool cleaning service. If the levels are not balanced then this could lead to cloudy water or discoloration so don’t wait until it’s too late!

During our pool cleaning service, we test for calcium hardness, alkalinity and pH levels to determine if they are within the proper range. Here is the recommended chemical balance:

pH – 7.2 – 7.6

Alkalinity – 80 – 120 ppm (parts per million)

Calcium Hardness – 200 - 400 ppm (parts per million)

Typically, it’s a good idea to run your pool 24 hours a day to make sure the water chemistry is consistent throughout the entire facility. However, if you want optimal results then turn off your pool at night and let it rest because this will make sure that everything dissolves evenly as well as prevent any equipment issues from arising.
The sand in your filter will gradually become clogged over time so just give us a call and we’ll let you know to have it cleaned. In addition, if there is excessive dirt or debris then the problem could be with your pump or grid so don’t wait until it gets worse!
You should wait at least 20 – 30 minutes after chemicals have been added to a swimming pool before you enter it. This will depend on the type of chemical but most facilities need to sit for a minimum amount of time before people can swim in it again.
No, you are not required to be at home for our pool cleaning service. We will never bother you when you’re out or inconvenience your schedule so just give us a call and we’ll come by instead.
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